Plan B

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…it was one of the best albums I’d heard this year. ‘Plan B’ really is a beautiful album, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Ruth McNerlan
November, 2003
…he has far too much of a gift for melody and a way of getting inside your soul the way he uses his voice, and his extensive musical background prior to his solo career definitely shows…
Nick Karn
December 2003
…Song after song brings sultry beats, dreamy chords, melodies you can drift away on, and that warm voice…
Jennifer Layton
November, 2003
…His voice is expressive and yet intimate. His solo guitar playing is soulful and is reminiscent of Carlos Santana’s acoustic work… J. Armen is a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, who’s album “Plan B” I highly recommend.
– Henk te Veldhuis
BRIDGE GUITAR REVIEWS…he can really pick a guitar. His lead style brushes against the blues, but it’s got a lot more Santana flavor, and laid against his jazzy chording, is really pleasant…
– Steve Knowlton
ANGELFIRE.COM..The sonic quality on this CD is first rate and the overall smoothness of “Plan B” is a refreshing and welcome change in the music industry. I give this CD my highest rating…
– Raffi Meneshian
CEO POMEGRANATE MUSIC…From 1 to 10 the CD is a perfect 10. Brilliantly done J.! …when someone has as much talent as he does you’d have to be deaf to give him anything else!
Brandon Dilks
October 2003

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Total time of CD: 36:48