Armenian Mega Store has been created on 2002 as a support hub to represent talented artists, performers in Armenia and bring them into attention of wider audience abroad.Our operation is based in New York City from where we deliver the purchased items to the customers around the globe. Recently, we have established an affiliate branch that will allow our customers to buy all available content as Digital Product. We believe that digital distribution of the music, books and photos is much more convenient and popular nowadays.
About security of financial transactions:

Armenian Mega Store does not collect or store any financial information of their customers. All purchase transactions from the starting click on “Add to Cart” button to the final confirmation of the purchase are processed on PyaPal.com web site, which is providing a world class security and protection for our customers. PayPal also provides an additional protection for the buyers who uses their system. Read more about “PayPal Purchase Protection” plan on PayPal.com web site.